Thursday, 22 March, 2018

After MPT, Union and Mormugao civic body file complaints against WISL

A day after Mormugao Port Trust (MPT) filed a police complaint against Western India Shipyard Limited (WISL), the WISL workers union and Mormugao Municipal Council (MMC) filed police complaints on Thursday accusing the WISL of negligence leading to the partial sinking of its dry floating dock at the port.

19th May 2017, 07:50 Hrs

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Vasco and Mormugao police have registered a non-cognizable offence against the WISL management based on the complaints filed by MPT, WISL union and MMC.   
When contacted, Vasco PI Nolasco Raposo said the police had registered a non-cognizable offence against the WISL management and has directed the parties to approach the competent authority.  “The Goa State Pollution Control Board and the South Goa additional collector has already inspected the site and are investigating the matter,” said PI Raposo.   
Confirming that the MMC had filed a police complaint against the WISL management at the Vasco police station for its negligence in preventing in the incident, MMC Chairperson Deepak Naik said: “If the dry dock breaks, it will not only lead to a state disaster, it will also destroy the livelihood of our fishermen due to marine pollution.”   
“We urge the MPT, Goa State Pollution Control Board and the South Goa collector to initiate strict action against the WISL management 
for its gross negligence,” 
added Naik.   
Meanwhile, the WISL union also filed a police complaint on Thursday demanding action against WISL management for allegedly causing marine pollution.   
“The dry dock which has partially sunk has four frames and other hydraulic machinery which contains large quantities of oil. If the oil spills into the sea, the whole of Vasco bay will be polluted and the fishing community across Goa will be affected,” said WISL workers Union leader Seby Fernandes.   
“The dry dock is resting on two dolphins with the support of a rope and if the rope snaps and the two dolphins get damaged, the dry dock could hit the MV Qing, which had listed last year, causing further damage the stranded ship,” said Fernandes.