Thursday, 22 March, 2018

Lone orthopedic surgeon attends to injured at Hospicio

Most of the injured persons, who were rushed to the Hospicio, have all sustained fractured injuries, but there was only a lone Orthopedic surgeon Dr Sunny Kamat around to attend to patients, besides other doctors.

19th May 2017, 07:50 Hrs


Hospicio had a total of three orthopedic doctors, but only a lone doctor was on duty at the hospital on Thursday as senior Orthopedic surgeon Dr Neil Barretto is believed to have been transferred to Mapusa, while the other Orthopedic surgeon Dr Sainath is presently on leave.   
Dr Kamat was seen moving from one bed to other to inquire with the patients and to understand the nature of their injuries. “Most of them have sustained fractured injuries. May be one or two have suffered injures to the head,” he said.
Hospicio officials, however, said that if the injured have to undergo emergency surgeries, the hospital will either call doctors from the GMC or other centres to meet the requirements or shift the patients to Bambolim. 
“We will evaluate the situation if more patients are brought to the hospital later tonight,” an official told The Goan.