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Is your child studying in the richest school?

If sending your child to the richest school is a big deal, then it you might like to know that Sharada Mandir School, Miramar is the place. rnAnd if you live in South Goa then the school to be in is King’s School, Margao.

Story: PADMAVATI | PRABHU | 07th May 2017, 07:01 Hrs

Top three richest schools have an annual turnover of ` 28 crore, and we are not counting fixed assets


Both these schools top the list of richest schools and if you think there’s no money in education, think again because the total annual income of the three richest recognised unaided schools in the State amounts to a whopping Rs 28 crore.   
And the total income of the top 10 schools is Rs 40 crore, revealed the data obtained from the State Directorate of Education (DoE).   
Sharada Mandir School, Miramar tops this list of richest schools with a total operating income amounting to Rs 11.10 crore which is entirely earned through fees, late payment fees and others. However, despite an income of Rs 11.10 crore, the School’s audited statement has shown a loss to the tune of Rs 65 lakh.   
Second richest school is The King’s School Margao with a total income of Rs 9.83 crore, of which Rs 4.51 crore is earned through various fees collected. The school earned a profit of Rs 2.24 crore.   
Third on the list is Vidya Vikas Academy, Margao with an income amounting to Rs 7.17 crore, nearly Rs 6 crore of which is earned through the fees collected and also gained profit of Rs 00.82 crore.   
The calculations of total income, fees, and profit/loss are based on the financial statements for the years 2014-15 and 2015-16.  
Following the ruling by Goa State Information Commission (GSIC) that recognised unaided schools in the State are a public authority under the Right to Information (RTI)

top ten schools
Sharada Mandir School, Miramar
 Total Income: 11.10 cr  
 Fees Collected: 11.10 cr  
 Loss: 00.65 cr 
The King’s School, 
 Total Income: 9.83 cr  
 Fees Collected: 4.51 cr  
 Profit: 2.24 cr 
Vidya Vikas 
Academy, Margao
 Total Income: 7.17 cr  
 Fees Collected: 5.89 cr  
 Profit: 00.82 cr 
Manovikas English 
Medium School, Margao
 Total Income: 4.34 cr  
 Fees Collected: 4.18 cr  
 Profit: 00.13 cr 
Sunshine Worldwide Secondary School, 
 Total Income: 2.89 cr  
 Fees Collected: 2.06 cr  
 Profit: 00.07 cr 
Deepvihar Primary School, Headland-Sada
 Total Income: 1.43 cr  
 Fees Collected: 1.15 cr  
 Loss: 00.12 cr 
Child Care Primary School, Margao
 Total Income: 1.38 cr  
 Fees Collected: 00.68 cr  
 Profit: 00.13 cr 
Bloomz International School, Porvorim
 Total Income: 1.10 cr  
 Fees Collected: 00.95 cr  
 Profit: 00.41 cr 
Fr Agnel Central School, Pilar
 Total Income: 1.03 cr  
 Fees Collected: 00.97 cr  
 Profit: 00.15 cr 
Posh Primary English School, Navelim
 Total Income: 00.75 cr  
 Fees Collected: 00.47 cr  
 Loss: 00.03 cr