Sunday, 25 March, 2018

Authorities get into overdrive mode to build speed breakers, but locals halt work

Authorities reacted swiftly to demands of locals and began the work to lay speed-breakers on Thursday evening, but the activity was stopped by locals who were unhappy over the height of the speed breakers.

21st April 2017, 05:09 Hrs

According to Verna Panch Remy Fernandes, the PWD Assistant Engineer Prasad Palandikar had assured to fix the speed-breakers having height of 70 mm as against the present rumblers of 10 mm.   
“But they instead began increasing the rumblers to a height of just 20 mm. When I phoned Palandikar, he told that the assurance was made only to pacify the people,” Remy said accusing the official of doing U-turn.   
Remy said they had stopped the work and Verna PI Uday Parab had assured him to speak to the authorities on Friday.   
When contacted, AE Palandikar admitted that he had assured a height as per the rumblers in Agassaim, Siridao.   
“But when I checked the height in Agassaim and Siridao, I found the height to be only 20 mm (double strips) which originally might have been 30 mm which could have reduced due to continous vehicle movement on it. But the villagers did not allow us to install the same at Verna.”   
“But now, I will install as a sample the speed-breakers on one side of the road on Friday morning and leave it to the people to decide if they are happy with the speed-breakers,” Palandikar said.