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AAP’s livelihood manifesto focuses on mining, tourism, fishing & agriculture

The Aam Aadmi Party in Goa has launched its “Livelihoods Manifesto” covering issues of mining, tourism, fishermen, agriculture and industry.

11th January 2017, 05:14 Hrs

the goan I network

The manifesto released by the party’s chief ministerial candidate Elvis Gomes promises to make Goa “India’s first corruption free and pollution free mining state, recover the Rs 36,000 crore from the mining mafia as well as drone-based air surveillance along with satellite imagery to stop illegal mining.   
The five-page livelihood manifesto has also made several other promises in other sectors including fishing where they have promised to ban bull trawling and LED fishing, regularising of the houses of traditional fishermen, in tourism single window clearances for shacks two months before the season begins, and a heritage policy.   
In the field of agriculture, the party has promised to overturn the amendments made to the Goa Land Tenancy Act as well as to promote local varieties like that of mango and coconuts while also promising tax holidays for industries to set up operations in Goa.   
“Our manifesto draws extensively from the suggestions and inputs we have received from the more than 350 Goa Dialogues meetings we have held in the State. It reflects the concerns of the people of Goa with regard to the practical problems faced by the people of the State,” Gomes said.   
The manifesto lays emphasis on mining and has promised a Rs 400 crore corpus to take care of mining dependents like truck drivers, truck and machine operators and mining affected people like farmers, promises mining corridors as well as sale of already excavated ore and recoverable ore from the dumps.   
Gomes admitted that their manifesto draws a lot from the Goenchi Mati Movement’s manifesto and that they agree “in principle” with the points raised by the Goa Foundation especially that resources belong to everyone.   
“In principle, the idea of state managed mining is something we are largely agreeable with. Practically the issue needs to the studied,” he added.   
With regard to tourism, the party has promised a people-centric tourism policy that will double the business for locals especially the taxi drivers and those displaced to make way for starred hotels.   
The party has also promised a heritage policy for those with heritage homes as well as promotion of homestead tourism in Goa.   
The livelihood policy is part of the overall manifesto of the Aam Aadmi Party which is being released in stages by the party.