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Taking the Leda!

The Goan takes a stroll over to Leda Lounge and Restaurant to take a look at the venue that strives to restore the ‘happening’ status to Goa’s southern belt

Story: Fernando | Monte | 06th October 2012, 08:33 Hrs

Situated at Colva,south Goa’s most popular beach, Leda Lounge andRestaurant is a place where one would feel a sense of calm and ease that has alazy vibe to it. Jam nights see this same ambience morph into a whole new beastwith an electric nature, and to say that it is addictive is an understatementat best. Thursday evenings at Leda have seen musical excellence as well as fauxpas in good humour on-stage with performances by rank amateurs and finecollaborations of assortments of musicians alike. Crossing off things to do,and keeping oneself free for a ‘jam night’ makes for an excellent break fromone’s hectict mid-week routine.

One of the brains involved in theformulation of the concept, Shyam Haridas, the managing director chiefexecutive officer of the group that manages Leda said, “The jam nights havebeen an excellent initiative, especially in the south. We hope to continue withthese nights, but it will be an uphill climb if we are to do so, as most bandshave commitments for the rest of the season.”

Nakul Arora, a tourist from New Delhibelieves, “The band is amazing. As the evening went by, many peoplestarted to jam with the band. I actually moved out to the lounge area andenjoyed the phenomenal talent and music. This has been a completely unexpectedexperience for me.”

Lead vocalist of oneof Goa’s oldest bands, and in-house entertainment for what could be the last ofthese energetic evenings for a while, Sandy Pacheco believes that, “Leda is tothe south of Goa, exactly what Cavala is to the north. A place where people ofall ages can just turn up and have a great time.” And it isn’t just agerestricted entertainment either. “The ambience is great and crosses areas, withrooms that are virtually theme oriented, and encompass fine dining, as well asa relaxed sports bar like attitude. The best thing of all, is that anyone cancome up and jam, from people in their twilight years to little kids,” Pachecoadds.

If Leda does indeedput an end to this spellbinding series of events, it will be a shame, and oneshould (and rightfully so) keep their proverbial fingers crossed, that wehaven’t seen the last of these events.

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