What’s the point of art?

One of the great paradoxes of human endeavour is why so much time and effort is spent on creating things and indulging in behaviour with no obvious survival value – behaviour otherwise known as art

Free from IS, but now a ghost town

It has a ghostly air: wide avenues silent but for the rattle of an empty tin can nudged by the breeze or dead leaves rustling in front gardens abandoned by residents.

Auto logic checker: Answer to the fake news problem?

Famines in the 21st century?

It’s not for lack of food

Beijing’s shanties: Towns of hope and despair

A nerve centre for migrant workers who stream in from around the country in search of a better life, Black Bridge Village is a place of industry and desperation.

Meet 25 year-old ‘God’, Benin’s devil-hunting female pastor

Vicentia Tadagbe Tchranvoukinni, who calls herself “Perfect” and “God holy spirit”, stands next to Mathias Vignan, alia Pope Christophe XVIII of the Very Holy Church of Jesus Christ of Baname kneeled at the Nazareth church in Djidja on February 25, 2017 at the beginning of a servicernIn the Very Holy Church of Jesus Christ of Baname, the 25-year-old founder calls herself God, her business partner is a self-styled Pope and devotees pledge to end the reign of the Devil.

Yemen’s displaced families struggle to survive

Wrapping their children in plastic sheets to stave off the winter cold, Yemeni families driven out of the historic port of Mokha are struggling to adjust to the harsh life of internal displacement.

Trading in extinction

In Norway, everyone's tax info is just a click away

How much does my neighbour, my colleague, the leader of my country or his wife earn? In Norway, a champion of transparency, that information is available to all, just a few clicks away.

Telling stories of wartime childhood in Bosnian museum

Fear and rage on the border

Donald Trump insists on building that wall, the one that will isolate the United States from Mexico, perhaps cutting down on illegal migrants, but one that will also sever familial ties and more. Perhaps that wall isn’t going to be as beneficial as it’s made out to be

Ugandans invent 'smart jacket' to diagnose pneumonia

Myanmar's 'smiling' Irrawaddy dolphins on brink of extinction

Five things about Syria's ancient Palmyra

Trump to take office with dismal ratings - except on jobs

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