Wed, 11 Dec, 2019

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IHCL’s branded homestays: A unique experience for tourist

With the launch of Ama Stays and Trails, The Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL) has provided an opportunity to the tourists to stay in two heritage bungalows in Candolim with all the amenities like guided tours, security personnel, hygiene staff etc. Thanks to the launch, tourists can now have a unique experience of Goan life while staying in a branded homestay Read more

Vibrant Goa Summit 2019 proved to be a mega success, says Bankley
FOHO.Haus brings fractional ownership of real-estate to Goa
HydroCore Atmospheric Water Generator creates pure drinking water out of thin air


Museum of languages need of the hour!

This year’s Goa Art and Literary Festival (GALF) is presenting poets from two different languages, Sanket Mhatre (Marathi) and Rochelle Potkar (English) who have cross-translated 35 each of their poems for a first-ever cross-translated book of 70 poems. TGLife talks to the duo on this unique experiment Read more

Dwelling together in harmony
Think of #MeToo as our latest response to rape culture: Ramani
Towards sartorial suatainability


For water the bell tolls

The decision of the Directorate of Education to give two compulsory water breaks to students during school hours, has brought smiles on the faces of children, parents and especially, doctors Read more

GALF calls to intellectuals from across the globe
Ride of a lifetime
Letting the lawtake its course