Mon, 27 May, 2019

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‘Vibrant Goa targets to bring min `1K cr investment to State’

This year, from October 17 to 19, 250 companies from foreign countries and 2,000 companies from all over India will come to the State as delegates of a huge networking event called ‘Vibrant Goa’. The event may still be a few months from now, but the preparations are happening in full swing. One man, who is making tireless efforts for the success of the event, is Dr Jagat Shah, chief mentor, Vibrant Goa Foundation. The Goan caught up with him in an exclusive interview Read more

Competitive market: Goan brand taking on big boys of carbonated drinks
Bloom is leading the affordable hotel space category: Tom Welbury
Prasari Honey Bees: Maharashtra’s first beekeeping company


Digital lethargy crippling the official CEO Goa website

In an era when fast digital updates of data are a norm, the website of Chief Electoral Officer of Goa was going through ‘digital lethargy’ in the high time of elections Read more

A party graced by Bollywood stars
Decoding the surprising mandate


The storytellers of Sindhudurg

Taking a vow to revive the dying traditional art of telling stories through paintings, wooden string puppets and leather shadow puppets, Chetan Gangavane travels to places and is currently in Goa to participate in the ‘IndiGenius Fest’ Read more

Original content is key to good stand-up comedy: Atul Khatri
Chanakya IAS Academy to share its success mantra in Goa
Ek ghor don chuli: Where unity breeds in diversity


Tigers: Beyond camera traps

Are camera trapped tigers resident individuals with established territories in our state or simply vagrants or opportunistic migrants encountered during their foraging forays? Read more