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Tuesday, 18 December, 2018

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Corporate events give a boost to premium hotels’ business

It’s clear by now that the ongoing season has brought significantly lesser foreign tourists. But, premium hotels have managed to attract a lot of corporates for events in Goa, which has helped them given the state of the market. Growth in corporate event segment also shows that apprehensions of GST badly affecting this segment didn’t turn out to be true Read more

ITC Grand: Celebrating the Spirit of Goa
From homemaker to entrepreneur: A journey of passion and dedication


‘Life’s full of struggles, never give up!’

To her music is life. Raabta singer Aditi Singh Sharma, who was in Goa during the weekend, speaks her heart out to TGLife on her life, songs and struggles Read more

Wacky Lit fest
Getting the screenplay right
Celebration of faith


The great game of toys

Toy market in India and the world is witnessing some strange trends in recent years. Here’s a light-hearted look at the scenario Read more

Fitness during festivals
Uzvadd Tuka Diun: Inheritance with responsibility
Bringing out the special talent


Essence of liberation from exploitation

If we want to see Goa liberated from corrupt politicians, each of us must pick up the cross and follow our conscience, expecting nothing from other Goans Read more