Mon, 27 Jan, 2020

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IHCL’s branded homestays: A unique experience for tourist

With the launch of Ama Stays and Trails, The Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL) has provided an opportunity to the tourists to stay in two heritage bungalows in Candolim with all the amenities like guided tours, security personnel, hygiene staff etc. Thanks to the launch, tourists can now have a unique experience of Goan life while staying in a branded homestay Read more

Vibrant Goa Summit 2019 proved to be a mega success, says Bankley
FOHO.Haus brings fractional ownership of real-estate to Goa
HydroCore Atmospheric Water Generator creates pure drinking water out of thin air


A prelude to census

In a move that is being seen a pilot project for countrywide implementation, the government of Goa is set to carry out National Register of Citizens exercise in the coming months Read more

Vegan meals at Burger festival of Novotel, Goa
Poker championship tournament starts in Goa
The rise and fall of Carlos Ghosn


‘Kingfisher Shootout’ held at Provorim

FC Goa players Coro, Mandar and Nawaz enthral fans at Mall De Goa Read more


Figures of the festive season

FR APOLLO CARDOZO Christmas is round the corner and all Christians will be reverently and joyfully celebrating the feast of the birth of Jesus. While doing so, houses will be illuminated and decorated. There will be different programmes before and during the season. A number of symbols and figures are used while celebrating the feast of Christmas and here is a short history of the origins and meanings of a few traditional symbols and figures associated with Christmas Read more

For water the bell tolls
GALF calls to intellectuals from across the globe
Ride of a lifetime


Introducing ‘entrepreneurship’ in curriculum

Embedding entrepreneurial education into formal curriculum is one of the most important ways to prepare our children for life beyond the classroom Read more

The hazards of alcohol intoxication
The ‘Police-Leela’ at Hyderabad
Prejudices and privileges faced by migrants