Fri, 19 Apr, 2019

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Branded feni makers expect bumper season ahead

A number of branded and genuine feni makers are expecting huge growth in their sales this year thanks to better cashew crop and also their efforts to export cashew feni to other countries. Moreover, Excise Department has started regulating feni labelling, which will ensure that unscrupulous elements find it tough to operate in the market Read more

Hy Femme: Goan entrepreneur’s efforts to promote women’s health and hygiene
Dealers struggling with decline in automobile sales for 3-4 months
Kineco Kaman wins major award in Manchester


How does social media matter?

Social media is being seen as an important influence in ongoing elections, but given India’s low to medium rates of Internet penetration and prevalence of misleading information on the web, how much of an impact will it really have on the elections? Read more

Celebrating Goan food and drink


Art blossoms on city streets

Offering a platform for the watercolour artists to meet in Panaji for landscape painting every Sunday, Watercolour Society of Goa is grooming enthusiasts from all walks of life to indulge in art and spread the joy of creativity Read more

Embrace mindfulness, live stress-free
Innovative interventions in musical workshop
Homeopathy: An artistic science


Let’s vote for a united, democratic India

While ‘Ordinary Thieves’ steal your valuables, ‘Political Thieves’ steal your future, career, health, environment, peace, general well being as well as your money! Read more

An election sans issues
Meeting the needs of the 21st century
The Goa question and its erasures -IV