Mon, 19 Aug, 2019

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Talent of one is knowledge for all

An innovative idea by teacher Blud Rodregues that enables students to give workshops to their own peers has won the prestigious ZIIEI award at national level Read more

Matching talent with the right platform
Ideas from young minds


Identifying the true Goemkar in a migrant-turned-Goan crowd

The Goa Legislative Assembly recently passed the Goa Change of Name and Surname (Amendment) Bill 2019, tightening the screws on migrants taking Goan names. However, there are questions that remain unanswered. What makes a true Goan? What prompts non Goans to adopt Goan names, and how can the government implement the change in law? Read more

Oils for beauty care
For a healthy gut feeling!


Ten glorious years of RTE

A review of the Right to Education Act underlines the massive success of this landmark legislation which managed to increase enrollment in rural areas Read more

Technological age bright, scientific fading!
To shift, or not to shift
Bring on the technology bans!